Shock Link Components


Tubular shock link components

We produce all of the components for the tubular shock absorber links, and these components are all sold individually.

Note that the thread used on the original Ford link end plug is different to that used on the modern imported reproduction shock links. We stock end plugs with the original thread and also end plugs with the modern thread as used on reproduction links.

Small parts

Prices: (each) End plug and split pin $5.52, spring $5.00, spacer $4.00, brass ball cups $4.00

Grease seals, grease nipples and metal covers

Small Seals

These grease seals and metal covers seal the shock link where the ball enters the link. The grease nipple is the original style.
Prices: (set of eight) Rubber seals $18.25, (set of eight) metal covers $16.25, grease nipples $5 each.

Tubular shock link body

Shock link

The shock link body is machined from solid steel to give a robust, high quality product.
Price: $31.50

Tubular shock link

Small Link1

Complete tubular shock link.
Price: $60 each