Exhausts & Clamps


Model A exhaust system


We manufacture this exhaust system to the  original Ford blueprints with the muffler drilled and baffled to exacting standards as set out in the original drawings. The expansion and contraction within the exhaust system is also catered for as per the original Ford blueprints to prevent stress build up between hot and cooler areas of the system.  This prevents stress cracking.

This exhaust system ensures that genuine Model A sound that we have all come to appreciate.

This exhaust has been produced by us for the last 25 years and is by far the biggest seller in New Zealand.
Price $295 incl GST

Front Exhaust Clamp

Front clamp

Designed for right hand drive vehicles, we manufacture this front exhaust clamp from high quality SG iron, and is virtually unbreakable. It has studs fitted to the back half of the clamp making it much easier to fit rather than the standard two bolts used. It has brass ‘manifold nuts’ that have extra length for maximum hold and ease of spanner work.
Price $35.20 incl GST

Rear Exhaust Clamp

Rear clamp

The rear exhaust clamp is designed to support the tailpipe, without tightening onto the pipe and causing problems with expansion and contraction as the exhaust system heats up and cools down.
Price $18.40 incl GST