Air Cleaners


MK1 Aircleaner

Small Mk1 air

The Mk1 aircleaner is designed to hang down from the carburettor between the steering box and engine block, and be out of sight. It may however interfere with the engine pan if one is fitted.

Price $98.90 incl GST

Mk2 aircleaner

Small Mk2 air

The Mk2 aircleaner is designed to be fitted along, and forward, under the carburettor so that the aircleaner element is easily accessible at the front of the engine. For right hand drive vehicles only.

This is the biggest selling Model A Ford aircleaner in New Zealand, we have manufactured this model for over 25 years.

Price $110.40 incl GST

We also produce a Mk2 model aircleaner that is designed to fit the model Ford “B” 1932 carburettor. For right hand drive vehicles only.
Price $118.50 incl GST

Aircleaner filter element

Both models of aircleaner use the same foam filter elements. The filter elements can be purchased separately.
Price $7.60 incl GST